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 Loneliness among the venerable has unfortunately become an issue in todays society. Family's are busy or loved ones have moved away, communities aren't as close as they once were and some people simply cant get out to meet with others. Families who have relatives in this situation for what ever the reason often have the constant worry of the situation on their minds, it can be a stressful situation for a lot of people, not just the person themselves. We are well aware of the negative impact that comes with isolation, doing the same thing every day and not having anyone to speak to can be quite damaging to a person living alone. This is where we can help you. Our sit and chat service means that you can be reassured that someone will be popping in to check on you and give you something different to look forward to. Having a chat over a cup of tea with a friendly face could make all the difference to you and bring some peace of mind to your family. 

Our fee for this service is £13 per hour 
Portrait of an aged person

Sit and Chat

Sometimes all you need is a friend

Happy Friends

Social activity escorting service

making sure your going places

Getting out and about can sometimes be a bit tricky, especially if it means you have to rely on others to get you there. Just because you may find yourself in a situation in which you are no longer as independent as you once were does not mean that life as you new it must stop. Whether it is a social club or event an appointment or you just want to do a bit of shopping we can help. 
We provide a service in which we will pick you up and escort you to where you want to go and either join you or wait to bring you home. If you need personal assistance while out we will be happy to help you. 

Our fee for this service is £15 per hour 

Fruit Stand
Shopping service

Help with getting the vital things 

We offer a shopping service so that you wont have to worry about not being able to get the things you need or having to drag it all from your door step after a delivery has just been. If you are able we can take and assist you with your shopping or we simply go and get the things on your list and deliver them back to you. We also provide the same services for items such as prescriptions.
Our fee for this service is £13 (we do not charge an hourly rate for this service just a one off fee)
Do you struggle getting your meals or is there a family member you are worried about because you have to work and cant keep popping back to see to them. We can help. We offer a food preparation service in which we will ensure we prepare good quality meals of your choice, wait while you eat and clean up after ourselves. Should you need assistance with feeding we will help you. 
Our fee for this service is £9 per 30 minute visit
Healthy Cooking
Meal service

No need to worry where your

next meal is coming from 

Home Care
Personal care service

Your comfort and well being is our priority

With our Personal domiciliary care service your loved ones are in safe hands. Your trained experienced carers will help you with all your personal needs, washing showering, dressing, moving and handling with specialised aids, assistance with eating and drinking, administering medication and incontinence issues. We are qualified and trained in all forms of care and nobody is exempt, from those that are more able to those who cannot leave the bed, we can also assist in end of life care. 
Our fee for this service is £20 for one carer £35 for two carers per hour
When we have someone we are caring for there are going to be times when things feel a  little overwhelming, we all need a break, a couple of hours R&R or some time to catch up on your jobs.
For a couple of hours a week we can come and sit with your relative and give you a well deserved break.

Our fee for this service is £17 per hour
Using Lift with Wheelchair

We will hold the fort to give you a break

Respite Service
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